Tourist Organization Municipality Foča

Turistička organizacija opštine Foča

Sports clubs and associations


Football club Sutjeska was formed in 1946 and competes in the First league of RS. There are three youth categories in the club: pioneers, cadets and juniors who compete within Youth league (East Sarajevo – Herzegovina). Football school members are divided into 5 groups.

Basketball club Sutjeska was formed in 1970. Club competes in the First league of RS and it was standard first league member, in last seasons. Club works successfully also with younger categories: pioneers, cadets, and juniors.

Volleyball club Maglic was formed in 1962 and it consists of male and female clubs. Both clubs are divided into four age categories: senior, junior, cadets and pioneers. Both teams compete in the First league of RS.

Karate club Nipon was formed in 1978. At the moment it gives three senior members of national team of Serbia, and nine members of the national team Serbia in other age categories . The club competes on many European and World championships where they regularly won medals.

Karate club Ljubisnja was formed at the end of 2007. ???

Table tennis club Perucica was formed in 1973. After ten years break, in 2003 it has successfully continued working. It is the most awarded sports club in Foca. The most significant success the club won in 1988 when the team qualified in European cup finals (Nancy Evans) and won the second place. In former Yugoslavia, Perucica had eight national team members. Club members are divided into five age categories and they compete in Premier league of B&H(women), Premier league of B&H (men), cadets and juniors compete in Senior league of B&H.

Tennis club Foca was formed in 2008. The club has two clay courts and the wall for practice.

Kick box club IGMA – Martial arts club IGMA was formed and started with trainings in 2013. There are men’s and women’s teams in the club. They have trainings separately. Club has about 50 members, outstanding individuals and results are to be expected.

Hunting association Bakic was formed in 1905. The hunting area is about 78.000 ha. Hunters are organized in 11 sections. There are about 480 registered hunters within the association. Especially popular are hunts on: wild hogs, roebuck, wild goat, grouse, wolf, bear, fox and rabbit.

Sports fishing association Mladica was formed in 1907. It is one of the oldest in B&H and it has around 200 members. Rivers managed by the association are about 250 km long and they are rich with fish species: sprout, trout, grayling, sneep, wagtail, barbell and others.

Montaineering association Zelengora was formed in 1947. It is one of the oldest in Former Yugoslavia. Mountaineers from this association have conquered the highest peaks in Yugoslavia as well as few peaks in Europe. Few thousands of active members have passed through this association, and gained mountaineering skills through numbers of activities, so the individuals became extraordinary mountaineers, instructors, trained members of Mountain rescue service.

Mountaineering home Zabrana is a popular gathering place of mountaineers and all nature lovers, and the area around is the famous picnic place for people from Foca.

Folklore society Foca was formed in 2011 and counts about 220 members, divided by ensembles in 5 groups. From the youngest pioneers to veterans, two people’s orchestra, vocal soloists, women’s ethno singing group, men’s authentic singing group and old instruments’ section.

The society adopts new knowledge from the best choreographers,  transfers it to the youngest, keeps culture and tradition of our region. They perform in almost all manifestations organized by Foca Municipality, and also make programs in their own production, all because of the richer cultural life of our town.

Folklore society Villa was formed in 1964. Members of the society are listed by ensembles: children, preparatory and first ensemble. Within the society works people’s orchestra and ethno group.

Gusle association Herzeg Scepan was founded in 1994. There are men authentic group, flutists and the poets within association. This is one of the most active associations which participates every republic and federal festival, but also at Herzegovinian show where members of the association won first places several times.

Municipal Board of Serbian Education and Culture Society “Prosvjeta”


Prosvjeta was formed in 1993, when the work of the main Foca board was restored. With few years pause, the Board in Foca restored its work in 2010, since when it actively works and counts about 40 members. Prosvjeta Foca is the organizer of numerous cultural and artistic events and manifestations.

Its main goal is to preserve and nurture cultural and historical heritage, the promotion, affirmation and the improvement of cultural life and creativity.

Prosvjeta Foca besides that, organizes round tables whose theme is preserving of the Serbian language.

Special segment of Prosvjeta activity refers to the publishing activity, by which it affirms and encourages local authors and literary artists.


Artists association Ton was formed in 2000 and consists of eleven members. They have organized seventeen collective exhibitions until now.

Ecological Association Upper Drina started working in 2009 with the goal to protect and improve life environment and to preserve biodiversity, through different types of activities (researches, educations) and informing the public about these themes.

Speleology Association URSUS SPELAEUS

Speleology association was founded in 1977. Association got this name after finding of the cave bear skull (Ursus Spelaeus) in Kuk cave.  The Association participated in many speleological expeditions throughout former Yugoslavia. One of the significant is also international expedition “Cave on the windy hills”, Durmitor, Montenegro 1986, which has been organized in order to dive the siphon on 897,5m depth.  Association stops working in 2004, begins again in 2013, and now has 23 members.



Association for help in emergencies WOLF

Lifesaving club Wolf is ungovernmental, unprofitable organization and its basic and primary goal is saving human lives and help man in need. The club mainly consist of nature lovers, mountaineers, alpinists, divers, diving instructors, mountain guides, skippers, lifeguards on open waters, mountain rescue service lifeguards, underwater deminers and supervisor for underwater demining. They all have valid certificates of associations they belong to, that confirm their abilities.


Youth movement Foca is youth non-governmental and non-profitable organization. It was formed at the end of 2012 and has more than 130 members.  Its goal is to deal with youth problems in local community and to involve youth in the process of making decisions within the Foca municipality.


Youth association Foca is independent, non-political, non-profitable, non-governmental, humanitarian organization, formed in 2013 with the intension to be the voice of Foca youth.


Karate club Ljubisnja was formed at the end of 2007. At the moment it counts about 100 members. The club competes within Karate union of Republic of Srpska. More club members are RS national team members in different categories.

Craft andentrepreneurialassociation was formed in 2002 because of the big need for mutual cooperation of craft and entrepreneurial shops, and organized appearance towards institutions on the level of BH, and towards market. At the end of 2013, in Foca, there were 354 registered craft and entrepreneurial shops.

Women’s association Zelengora was formed in 2012. The main activity is sustainable and self-sustaining collecting forest fruits, as well as plantation and growing of the aromatic plants.

Rafting association Tara and Drina was formed in 2007 (5 founders) with the goal of breaking illegal actions on Tara, as well as expressed need for mutual initiative and appearance towards the institutions of BH. Now the association counts 15 members.




Info o Foči

Površina:  1.115km2
Broj stanovnika:  oko 20.000
Geografske koordinate:  43° 30′ 00" SGŠ ; 18° 46′ 60" IGD
Vremenska zona:  centralnoevropska (+1)
Poštanski broj: 73300
Pozivni broj: 058
Nadmorska visina: 400  - 2.386 m
Prosječna temperatura: 10° C

Lokalna uprava

Adresa:  Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića
Telefon: (info)+387 (0) 58 210-202 ; (načelnik)+387 (0) 58 210-134 ; 
Fax: +387 (0) 58 210-097


On the area of Foca municipality there are 17 rivers and rivulets, whose canyons, clarity and speed of water attract numerous visitors, both tourists and lovers of rafting, canyoning, kayaking, and fishing, recreational and other nature lovers.


Foca municipality area is characterized by high mountain massifs which belong to the mountain wreath of the Dinarides: Maglic, Zelengora, Vucevo, Volujak, Bioc, Ljubisnja. They are real challenge for mountaineers, alpinists, recreationalists and all nature lovers. Read more...



Seven glacier lakes, which are called  „mountain eyes“ because of the extreme beauty and glacial origin, adorn one of the most beautiful mountains of dinaric arch – Zelengora. Those are: Orlovacko, Stirinsko, Kotlanicko, Donje and Gornje bare, Black lake, White lake. Borilovacko lake is the only man-made lake on Zelengora. Read more...


Turistička organizacija opštine Foča, Šantićeva broj 16
Telefon / fax: +387 (0) 58 212 416, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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